True Personal Training's "Golf Fitness" Programs
At TRUE PERSONAL TRAINING, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are located in one of the largest "golf" populated areas on the East Coast and recognize the need for "golf' specific training programs designed to improve your power, club speed, balance, flexibility, mobility, stability and core strength, all while decreasing your lower back and joint pain.
All golfers need a combination of flexibility, strength/stability, and balance. We are not getting more flexible and stronger or improving our balance with each passing year. We can, however, gain or maintain each of these variables with consistent training. We see a lot of easily avoidable injuries suffered by golfers simply due to a lack of proper conditioning and pre-round warm up routines. Conditioning can be anything from utilizing consistent stretching of tight or short muscles to using weights or even body weight as resistance to movement. Functional training is the key to increased performance. No matter what you do, be it lessons, watching swing tips, buying improvement programs, or buying new equipment, your body still has to swing the club and if your body has imbalances, weakness and restrictions, your swing sequence will be difficult to repeat, cause injuries, lack power and any hopeful swing changes will be difficult. Golf performance training will develop your body, reduce injuries and free you up to swing better, hit it longer and feel great.

"When I first started working out, my body and eating habits weren't the best. Because I'm a professional golfer, I'm outside a lot during the day and I constantly battled losing weight and keeping muscle mass on my body. Since I started working out with Jesse, my body feels great. I have been able to keep weight on and my strength and endurance for lifting weights has vastly improved. He has developed specific programs for me during my season and during the off season as well. He has shared his knowledge of lifting and eating with me so it is something I can continue to do even when I'm not in the area to train with him. The decision for me to call Jesse this past year was one of the best decisions I made for my career and even my life in general."

C.G. MERCATORIS, Amateur Golfer, Pennsylvania 
"True Personal Training is the personal training studio to go to when it comes to exercising to better your golf game. I am a 60 year old man who has been working with Jesse in flexibility, strength and balance to make my golf game better. My handicap has gone down 3 index points since I have been working with him. If you want good results to a better golf game, go see Jesse Yodice and the trainers at True Personal Training" – Tom Munn, North Myrtle Beach, SC
"I started playing the game of golf at 55 years old and went through different golf instructors through the years. I was losing distance and didn’t feel balanced at 67 years old. My handicap has increased to a 20 and the golf instructors were not helping. I have been training with True Personal Training for 4 months and increased my distance off the tee by 15 yards and in the other aspects of the game my flexibility and balance have gotten my handicap down to 17. I will never be a scratch golfer, but know I’m enjoying the game and my friends want to know who my new golf instructors is! My game has not only improved, but thanks to True Personal Training I have also lost weight and feel great" – Keith Baker, North Myrtle Beach SC

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